What do youth ministers do when they aren’t ministering?

Hmmmm….Have you ever wondered what traveling ministers do when they aren’t traveling? I have! Well, it seems that no day is ever the same in our life, however, we do have certain tasks that are repeated daily. Prayer is an important daily happening. Today I was very impressed to pray for Israel, specifically for the “peace of the youth of Israel” as the Lord spoke to me in March of 2005. There is a ministry in Jerusalem that is reaching out diligently to the unsaved youth and making a difference (www.jerusalemsp.org).

While we are in Sun Valley for our rest and family time, we are actually doing quite alot of ministry work for the end of the year. That would include accounting and taxes as well as loads of other paperwork. Cliff is working on editing some videos, studies (in addition to his personal studies) and is working on a children’s book. He will also be designing a newsletter this weekend with someone.

Cliff has been up skiing/snowboarding once since we arrived over a month ago, but has spent several days playing and teaching Tori how to ski. I haven’t been up at all, but we are in hopes of getting a sitter for the girls and getting up one day for a few hours together. I really enjoy cooking creatively in any free time and am blessed to have a toddler that will normally try and sometimes eat whatever it is I make (she loved the goat cheese tart I made last week). We also enjoy spending time with Tori and Lauren. It seems they amaze us with something new everyday.

There is another glimpse into our life…


~ by unisonharvest on January 11, 2007.

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