New Year’s Eve Service 2007

Live Oak, Florida 9pm December 31st, 2006

Pastor Darrin Baldwin called me about a month earlier, after a Wednesday night service and told me that the Holy Ghost had continued to fall since our meetings in September of 2006. “You wouldn’t want to come to Live Oak and spend your New Year’s, would you?” asked Darrin. “You’re in a ski resort right now.” I replied, “I want to be anywhere that God is showing up.”

This New Year’s Eve service was very unique in that some youth ministers were in the area since Rev. Chris Musgrove’s ( mother had just passed away over the Christmas holidays. Chris, the previous youth pastor of 17 years for Melody Christian Church and Chris and Shelley (she is from the area) Love ( Combine these with Darrin’s and mine, and we had close to 60 years of youth ministry experience.

The 4 hour service turned into a youth “campmeeting”. During worship, Chris Musgrove challenged the youth to stir themselves up by acting on the Word of God, running and shouting. I called for the youth to mend fences, even within the youth groups (there were 3 represented from the area, approximately 150 youth). Shelley then encouraged them to find their cause… wins souls. She then inspired them to begin to pray for 12 people and believe God that these would come to Jesus this year. Darrin had songs from the Lord as he played on his guitar, very psalm like. One youth jumped up and said he could see how God had demonstrated through these ministers Revolution Church’s youth motto. My Life, My World, The World! With the obligatory New Year’s midnight celebration, one unsaved girl came forward and received Jesus! Her face was deadpan as she said the sinner’s prayer, but the minute I said “you’ve just been adopted into God’s family” her eyes filled up with tears. She received eternal life! It was evident in her countenance. We prayed for the youth for an hour and the Holy Ghost demonstrated until 1 am. We could have continued all night, the youth were so hungry. It was a phenomanal start for 2007!


~ by unisonharvest on January 28, 2007.

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