Back to Europe

It’s great to be back in Europe, all of us! Cliff and I haven’t traveled to Europe together since November of 2005. He has been on several trips with others though. We traveled from Los Angeles after an incredibly busy week of looking for houses in California and Cliff preparing our home for sale in Tulsa. The travel time took about 17 hours from LA, but in only a little over a day, everyone is almost on schedule.

We were greeted at the airport wonderfully with plenty of room for our luggage, which meant a lot. Within 2 hours, we were in our apartment and Cliff was ministering to the youth. After the meeting on Saturday night, they went out for pizza. We were introduced on Sunday morning at church, had lunch and then naps.

We will begin our week by speaking in Rhema Bible College tonight. We have a full schedule the next two weeks and are very excited to be here with them.

Someone recently explained there feelings of moving to a new city and taking on a new job. She said that although exciting, the first week is always the most exhausting since you are getting to know the staff and learning the job, besides the adaptation to the environment or city layout. I looked at her and smiled. I explained that when we are traveling, that is what our life is like most weeks. Meeting new people, learning new cultures, getting around a new city, overcoming language barriers and then moving on to the next place. It is as she said, incredibly exciting, but can sometimes be rather exhausting too.


~ by unisonharvest on March 19, 2007.

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