I’m not buyin’ it…

This is about last month,but just let it go.We were traveling to minister through Europe by train and we had to have reservations during busy times to get a seat. Now that particular time was the Monday after Easter and there were no seats available. We were moving through the southern countries. All Catholic. Potentially no seats. A one year old, a two and a half year old, my wife, the nanny and me. We had a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. We started from Monte Carlo,Monaco and we were okay. Seats. Everyone was resting and only a couple of hours to Marseille. After our second train change we were headed to Mulhouse, France and the people began to one by one take our seats. The only place to sit was between cars on these little jump seats.I was the first one to get ejected and an Algerian lady in the same predicament joined me. Tori(2 and 1/2 years old) came back because she loves to move. Christie got bumped next and came with Lauren while Andy, the nanny, retained the one available seat.Tori was buzzing around greeting people,back and forth between the entry way and the train car, causing the automatic door to open and close. This was a six hour train ride or so. But we had first class tickets. I can see in my mind some people saying “that’s not God’s best, the Father wouldn’t be happy with you traveling like that” .Only, the Algerian lady, Nora, loves kids.She entertained Tori in French.She didn’t speak English. Arabic,French,Italian and Algerian,these she spoke. She was Muslim.She told us that she loves children but she can’t have them. Her husband and her have been to doctors who say it is impossible for them.
But we know Doctor Jesus…and with God all things are possible. In fact Andy was in a service of ours on Dec 17th where the Lord healed her of ovary problems. We told Nora about Andy, Jesus and His will to heal her.We offered to pray for her.She willingly accepted. God’s power was present to heal her.This was during a 6 hour train ride in the little area between train cars with our children running afoot.We might not have had that liberty in the cabin.This is France where some .06% are believers. I gave her a business card and told her to contact us when she becomes pregnant. I believe she’s going to be with child.
This Gospel is about people. Good News for the people. We have got to be among the people. I remember in Bible school being taught that if you don’t love
people, get out of the ministry. I believe God was very happy with our situation. I believe God orchestrated that day.People need us to touch them, find out their stories and minister to them. Yes God does radically accost people by the Holy Ghost with the gifts of the Spirit, but there are cultural divides that we must gulf. We arrived in the next country and someone told me of an American minister that spoke in a certain city. He pulled up in his limo and took up most of the parking spots. You have to understand parking spots in European cities.They are like gold. Some drive blocks away just to find one.He and two body guards walked in, he preached, finished and drove off. Boom shaka-laka boom. I asked what he preached on. My friend is an attentive listener. He didn’t remember. All he remembered was the car, the body guards and such. That display might work in Hollywood or some other place, but not here. Private jets, hotel rooms with utter privacy;hey I like ’em, but not at the expense of touching people. Almost like hiding out in the will of God? Sounds like denominational monks to me, trying to stay in touch with God, unsoiled with the touch of man. Uber-practicing the Presence.
In just one meeting, someone’s representation of the Word of Faith surely didn’t help our cause.
I believe we are to impact nations, reach the world with the love of Jesus, spread the Good News.
Years ago I taught windsurfing and drove a boat at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel in Monaco. We worked seven days a week in a four star hotel. The women wore gold lame’ slippers in their private cabines on the beach. Most everyone ate from china plates,fine dining style as they sunned themselves. The streets of Monaco are perfect and clean,the buildings free of graffiti. If you weren’t dressed in the posted street attire (literally posted) the gendarmes could stop you and check if you had 50 French francs on you or escort you out of town via train. If it had not been for Saturday night church in Nice I could have lost sight of reality.…In only two months! But when I would get off the train at Nice Ville I would see beggars and vagrants and trash and graffiti and “regular people”. I could see how people could lose touch with planet earth. “Let them eat cake!”, even though it is commonly misapplied to Marie Antoinette.
I heard a comment from a man on short term missions recently.I can’t recall his name or I would cite him. He said most short term missions are like a dog running through a museum. He sees every thing but doesn’t appreciate any of it. He went on further to say ‘Is that worth it for an experience?’
Now there is a balance, I know. Same with this other stuff. There is a balance.

Like I said, I’m not buying it…


~ by unisonharvest on May 4, 2007.

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