The focus in May

This month has been a full month, but not with ministry engagements and a ton of traveling like March and April. Instead it has been full of packing, relocating and then resting. It also involved some difficulties in areas that we would have never expected. Everyone faces challenges in life and if handled the way God desires, in love, they will make us stronger people. We faced these challenges right in the midst of the next step of our walk of faith. Attacks come ultimately to pull you away from the plan God has for your life, but your response to those attacks are what determines your outcome.

God, however, was already preparing other people’s hearts to help make things a little smoother and rewarding. Two of those people called Cilff shortly before he arrived back to Tulsa after moving our things to California. They wanted to bless us with some money specifically for us to take a little break. They weren’t aware of how busy things had been, but had it on their heart to give. Since we had never been to Branson, Missouri, but heard much talk of it, we went there. We stayed in a nice resort for a few days and had some fun family time.

Now we are in Tennessee, spending some time with a partner. We celebrated Cliff’s birthday yesterday. Tori had been looking forward to his special day for over a week.

Prayer requests for the month of June would include a vehicle in Europe, a new computer and other media necessities. Also, since our visit to Italy, we have had several other Italian ministers speak to us of coming to their churches. Someone contacted us just the other day saying that they spoke with 2 more ministries in Italy that would like us to come and help them out. Please pray for God’s timing. We have always had such a desire to specifically minister to the southern nations of Europe. We are excited that God is continuing to open doors there and we’re excited to be a part of what God is doing among the youth in Italy.


~ by unisonharvest on May 26, 2007.

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