A sense of urgency

(see video below)

Our most recent trip to England, Greece and France gave a real sense of urgency of our time. We had “book of Acts like experiences”. David, and I had just arrived into Greece from London and were at the Heathrow airport when the bombs had been discovered near the nightclubs.

I was not the guest speaker the first night of the meetings in Greece. A pastor who had an outreach in Crete was ministering to the youth. As the Holy Ghost began to move, he nodded to me asking me if I would like to join him in praying for the youth. I looked over at a young lady and the Spirit of God said to me, “I’m not giving her another chance.” I immediately began weeping. I feigned indifference and decided not to respond. I knew the service would get very intense. The next morning as I got up to minister, the Lord had me call out this young lady and I told her what the Lord had said. She began to weep uncontrollably and fell to the floor. It turned out that she had been in extreme rebellion to her mom. Though she knew the ways of Lord, she was running the opposite way. This set the tone for the meetings. The next five to six youth services, which I ministered at, all dealt with stepping up and never turning back. It was a serious decision for this day and hour.

During one service, we asked them to count the cost before having them respond. The Lord had me call out another young lady that is on fire for Him and had me tell her “you are ready”. Her roommate confirmed this by telling me how she had just been saying that she was ready to give her all to the Lord. The fire of God fell in the meetings with signs following.

One unique event occurred that I would venture to say is prophetic of the things that are happening in Greece. A young man whose Greek name is translated “Good news” and his sister whose name is “Happiness” brought another man to his first service. They had witnessed to him the night before and when he came and gave his heart to the Lord at the youth service, “Happiness” was amazed. She had never seen someone come to the Lord so easily. The young man’s name was Orthodox.

We had told the youth that if they would get on fire and meet with the Holy Ghost that it would spill over into the adult services. The first youth meeting back at the church, the youth were challenged to invite at least one person and if not, to come early and witness on the streets. Some youth that spoke Arabic brought in an Iraqi man and said that he attended because he felt the love of God coming from them. He came and ended up giving his heart to Jesus. Since the man didn’t speak any Greek and we found out later that he was on his way to Sweden, we are assuming he had just come from Iraq and was looking for asylum. Just as we said, the youth had carried the fire into the adult services!

As I stepped up to minister, the Lord dropped into my heart that there was a healing anointing. The Lord had me call up Miracle, a young girl from the youth church and the Holy Ghost was strong as we laid hands on the adults. Near the end of the service we did an altar call. It seemed as though we hit a speed bump after driving smoothly down a highway. Abe, one of the youth leaders, continued the call. Finally, the adults rose to the challenge and the presence of the Lord fell mightily. We believe the days of Acts 2:17 are upon us!


~ by unisonharvest on August 8, 2007.

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