It’s been a long time!

I know, I know. It’s been a long time since you have had an update. I’ll give you a little one tonight since I am feeling a bit guilty about it and then Cliff and I (together) will try to really update you tomorrow.

June 14th was our last posting. That was just one week before Cliff left to go back to Europe. We were in Tennessee for about a month, traveling on the weekends to minister in different cities. Tori had a great time since there was a horse that she was able to ride just about anytime she wanted. When we all finally left, we really didn’t travel very far since Cliff flew out of Nashville to London, England on the 21st of June. I had planned to stay with our friends in Kentucky for only a few days, but that few days turned into weeks and the weeks ended up turning into a complete month. So, Cliff was traveling all over Europe and ministering quite a lot (both in and out of the pulpit). He had some extraordinary times! These times are always better communicated first hand from Cliff for accuracy and to understand his passion for people and what we do. I, however, spent my time playing with my girls and learning more about ministering to my family. It was such an awesome month for us that I really can’t put it into words!

After Cliff’s 3 weeks of ministry in England and Greece, he returned to Los Angeles and then flew to meet us all back in Kentucky. We spent a few days and started out on our next journey. Our first stop was Tulsa for camp meeting. Our time there refuels us! Our next stop was Kit Carson, Colorado and leaving with our friends from Kit Carson, we all went to Denver together. This is where things picked up the pace for us (so to speak). I am thrilled to say that Cliff has an opportunity to go to Pakistan and minister to what could be a couple thousand young people. Our contact is from Pakistan and has a solid organization there. Its seems good that he go the last two weeks of September. The girls and I would plan to visit friends in England and then meet up with him the beginning of October for ministry in Europe for two weeks. Then we would go to Africa for two weeks before returning to the states. Some of you know what that means, 3 continents in just 6 weeks means lots of plane tickets and other expenses. Pray about getting involved financially and prayerfully with us on these trips, especially the Pakistan trip.

Back to our current journey. Once we went to Denver, we had dinner with the Pakistani couple at their home with Pakistani food. It was delicious and they were so hospitable. After Denver we had a few days in Sun Valley, Idaho. It was a fabulous time where we concentrated on spending time together as family. We went to the Sun Valley symphony several nights and just “happened” upon the day especially for toddlers during the weekend. The place we stayed is what we call “a little piece of heaven”. It is so perfect!

That brings us current. We are now in the San Jose area of California and plan to be back in LA within the week.

Thanks to all of you who already faithfully support us monthly. It is wonderful to have a team of supporters that are just as excited about what we are doing as we are! Thank you for sending us into every part of the world that the Lord opens up to us!


~ by unisonharvest on August 8, 2007.

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