Almost Christmas…

It’s almost Christmas and that means the most wonderful celebration of the year! A celebration of God coming down to earth in the form of a man called Jesus! We are so thankful for Him and do remember that He is the ONLY reason we celebrate!

Recently, Cliff returned from the Ukraine and Israel, slept off and on the entire week he returned and then ministered on a Sunday, the 9th of December to The Life Church in Hailey, Idaho. He then left on the 11th for Tulsa and Knoxville. We have had a bus/RV for a few years now, but had made a decision to get rid of it by this month. We called a partner of ours in Tulsa and they informed us of a ministry that does evangelism in many places including Mardi Gras in Louisiana every year! How AWESOME! So, we gave it to them and they were very happy!

The greatest part was that it was part of God’s restoration for them and such a testimony! Cliff said it made for a great Christmas gift!

With that said, I have thought over many years in how I can teach my children that Christmas is not all about us as family getting and giving presents to one another. It’s not just about special family time or big dinners. It’s not even about our fancy decorations and special church events. It is all about Jesus and giving to others, especially those in need. Jesus came to give His life to those in need…in need of a Saviour! I am so glad He did…and willingly! Share the love of Jesus with someone during this busy time of the year! It’s a perfect time to share such a wonderful gift!


~ by unisonharvest on December 21, 2007.

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