On a tour…

On tour around the world
and you have went with us.

Touching hearts and changing lives
His commandment is a must.

Since we’re the salt of the earth,
a light that we’re not to hide,

You’ve followed Him and pleased His heart
to help us continue this ride.

Did you ever want to or have you
ever gone as far as Idaho?

Oklahoma; Verona, Italy,
Krk,Croatia or Lorrach, Germany?

NYC, New Jersey or Knoxville, Tennessee?
On to Californi-a, moving there you see.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, England; Athens, Greece
knowing that the grace of God will set the captives free.

Breaking ground in Pakistan to touch a generation
all of this just before Bhutto’s assassination.

Miami, Florida:a ‘hot’ place for us to be
Tommie Zito Ministries, just check it out to see. (www.tzm-online.com)

Zimbabwe, Africa, observing large crusades.
Tallulah Falls, Georgia, guest speaker part we played.

Meetings in Brick, New Jersey were called ‘4 weeks till the fire’
Reinhard Bonnke stirred in us what reaching the world requires.

Impacting the nations, it is the driving force for us.
Ukraine & Israel in November… surely, a must!

Last stop as always, the ski resort in Idaho.
Family time and a very special assignment
…that continued from many years ago.

You have spent the year supporting a work
that’s determined to be excellent ground.

Don’t grow weary in your well doing
For surely this is what we have found:

Reaching teenagers, young adults and leaders too,
A couple youth rooms designed, everything brand new.

Though busy with our scheduled meetings all the year long,
Not forgetting to stop and help the one
that’s went wrong.

People are important, we heard a friend just say
let’s not forget to please the Father’s heart this way!

Please continue to pray for us as also you invest
As we continue traveling we must all give our best.

In closing we’ll say a Thank You to all who are involved
Happy New Year 2008 with our new goals resolved!


~ by unisonharvest on January 3, 2008.

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