Walking with God: Part 1

10 days with Unison Harvest
November 18-November 28…a veritable glimpse into the workings and amazing things that happen when you do what we do.

Sunday: We finish up with an evening youth service with New Beginnings in Brick NJ @ 7:15 before rushing off to the Newark airport as we have a flight scheduled for Orlando Florida. We have been involved with 5 services over the weekend starting Fri. eve. We have an 8AM appointment. The 9PM or thereabouts departure is delayed 1 hour or so. I arrive @ 2AM.

Monday, Tuesday: 8:30 AM Face to Face with Reinhard Bohnke officially commences. He targets 50 evangelists to sit together with him and challenge with the insurmountable task of reaching Planet Earth’s almost 4.6 billion unreached and/or unsaved.The initial goal turns into three separate sessions of 50 or so delegates. We are in the second session. How we got chosen I am still humbled and amazed. There were some 8000 applicants.
This is ten days with Unison Harvest.
We end around 9PM and arrive back to the hotel for me to pack. I am on a 5:25AM flight out to LA. The girls and our helper, Stephanie don’t leave until the next morning. It’s Thanksgiving to us Americans. For some reason I think we get a little pool time with Tori, our 3yr old and Lauren our 1 1/2 yr old. But I don’t remember…maybe it’s the sleep deprivation.

Wednesday: ORL-LAX. I arrive @ 10:30 or so and catch a flyaway to a nearby location where the van has been at Pastor Wil Strong’s house. I have a bowl of Italian wedding soup which his wife Sandy prepares. When was the last time I ate? A real meal I mean. I head to the storage unit where everything is waiting to be moved into our house in Malibu, but that’s another story in itself. Come back in a couple of articles. I pack the van, with Tom Smith’s help, for our winter rest in Sun Valley, ID. I think I finish @ 3AM. California time.

Thursday: I drive to LAX. I have to leave the van in the airport for the family. Christie and the girls are trying to fly in to meet me for a quick Thanksgiving dinner before they head to Idaho. I leave @ 3:35PM and their plane arrives @ 5PM. As I board my plane to Paris, once again Malibu is ravaged by fire.

One of our partners gave us mileage and I am able to fly Business Class to the Ukraine via Paris. I have my Thanksgiving meal by myself on the plane and finally get some real sleep.

Friday: I arrive in Paris Charles de Gaulle, register at a nearby hotel, check my bags to Kiev and go into the city to Du Pareil Au Meme for some kids clothes for Tori and Lauren. Riots have broken out in the North Suburbs of Paris among the Muslim youth. Coupled with that there is a Metro strike throughout the city. I pass the majority of my 17-hour layover in the business lounge at the airport.

Saturday: I board my flight to Kiev, Ukraine and as I am listening to the crew I hear the captain speak impeccable French. He then switches to English and he’s got a pretty accurate American accent. I ask him where he was schooled in the US. He says he’s American but lives overseas. Before we take off I have a thought…”How cool would it be to ride in the cockpit?”. I dismiss it immediately, knowing the times. Part way through the flight, one of the attendants call me to the galley while closing the curtain. The captain wants to invite me to the cockpit. There are only two of us in first class so no one even notices. I end up discussing our life and purpose with the pilot and co-pilot. Who says this isn’t an amazing ride?

I arrive in Kiev and it’s the weekend. I’m meeting up with fellow ministers and friends putting on a conference five or so hours away in Sumy, 40 kilometers from the Russian border. They are swamped and the best transportation is a bus. The only problem is it’s the weekend, and only one bus runs at 5pm. I’ve got a six hour layover in Kiev airport. When I board the bus I realize almost no one speaks English. One man near me nods whenever I attempt to communicate but no real English. I rest. I arrive at about 10:30PM and the bus drops me off in the boonies. It’s about 40 degrees F and I need the guidance of the Lord. The Ukrainian man says get in the taxi and they take me to the town square where I locate a small hotel until I can call someone in the morning.

Sunday: I’ve crossed through as many as twelve time zones. I end up sleeping until 11AM Ukraine time. I finally reach my contacts and head for the evening service. Bro.Tommie Zito is finishing up a week long soul winners event. They are having a baptism service. Hundreds are being baptized in water which in the former Soviet Union is kicking over some sacred cows. Baptism here accompanies joining the local church. People have come from all over the country for these meetings. Water baptism like this is tantamount to heresy. Even though the scripture says differently.
Tommie invites me up to speak a few minutes before he preaches. I had not been in the Ukraine for eight and a half years and was amazed at the seeming progress. They almost resembled the American church: fat, happy and a little bit sleepy. On the bus ride from Kiev the Lord dropped verses from 2 Kings 13 about taking it to the next level with the Lord. Tommie ends the service with most of the 700 person congregation having hands layed on them without any further preaching.

Monday: Early morning ride to Kiev. It’s only about four hours because this time it’s in a car. Then a three hour flight to Tel Aviv. Hey, I’ve put in my 8 hours, can I go home now? JK. America, Europe, the edge of Russia and now the Middle East in only five days. I am ending this year in the place Jesus walked on planet Earth. The One who started and ended all of this. By that I mean payed the price for all of us, especially those that believe, I Timothy 4:10. He traveled the distance from Heaven to Earth to show us what our Heavenly Father is like so we could have the opportunity to chose eternity with Him…or not. So people like you and I could tell others of the Good News, and they could accept or reject the One Who died for us. We check into our hotel in Tel Aviv and get some shut eye.

Tuesday: We take a taxi to Jerusalem and check into our hotel. The next few days will be spent making contacts and scouting out places for future meetings, while walking in the footsteps of Jesus…
John 21:25 And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.
Isn’t that how He intended our life to be?


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