Beauty for ashes…

The past few weeks have been a little quieter than normal. Cliff had originally planned to be in Asia and thereabouts during the autumn months. Plans changed and that was fine for us. We had to attend to some things in regards to the loss of our little girl Lauren in Idaho and went that way. During our 2 week visit to Idaho, Cliff also went to Canada for a quick trip. We didn’t get everything done we needed to, but we did have some more healing take place in our hearts.

There are now plans to be on the East Coast of the USA by next week and possibly the mid-west before returning to California mid November.

We are also working on ‘LaLa’s Gift’, a branch of our non-profit in memory of Lauren that is helping orphanages around the world. Our 4 year old daughter, Tori, prays for little ones almost daily, asking God to provide resources for them to live. She prays for them to have a home with clothes, Bibles and teachers that act as Momma’s and Daddy’s and brothers and sisters. ‘Child-like faith’. We can’t do it all, but if each one takes a part, then a difference can be made. If you have thought of helping children around the world this way, but would like someone to help facilitate that for you, then we can help.

Let’s not allow the world’s tragedies to become OUR tragedies. Let’s keep reaching out and giving out. We are not of those that draw back!

In closing…Have a great day! A great week! Rejoice! We know what it means to rejoice in the midst of tragedy. When you make a decision to rejoice despite the way you may feel or what kind of loss you may have experienced in these past couple of months, you declare that you are the winner. No matter what!


~ by unisonharvest on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Beauty for ashes…”

  1. We are committed to being involved in that process, coming up with the extra resources to travel to Asia is a challenge to our faith and commitment. I have no idea how you guys do it!! When I think of giving up or plan B. I think of how hard you guys push yourselves or listen to “solution” Hillsong and continue on with the plan.

  2. I wish everyone knew the price you pay to be you. Thanks for staying faithful, for being so passionate, and for never quitting, even when you have every justification to “sit this one out.” You guys are on my list of heroes, and I have been trying to get God to add your life to those cited in Hebrews 11. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and Tori, I am so proud of you!

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