Frequent Hotel Points

I don’t think this has been mentioned yet. In 2008, one of our partners decided to give in another creative way. I like it when people get creative and think outside the box. They stay at the Hilton chain from time to time throughout the year for business. They decided to make the hotel points accrued available to us whenever we need. This year their witty donation has been used instead of around $1500-$2000. How awesome is that! Thanks guys!

So, hey, …think outside the box. Go look for a creative way to help someone(s) make a difference.


~ by unisonharvest on January 14, 2009.

One Response to “Frequent Hotel Points”

  1. Speaking of creative…….Denny our 9 year old brilliant son was simply at school attending a valentines day party. When the teacher’s helper introduced a game using chop sticks, you must pick up the little conversation hearts from the table and place them in a container. task completed step two: using the chop sticks see who can get all the conversation hearts from the container back onto the table, you can probably guess where this is going by now! Denny using the chop sticks turns over the enire container and the contents in one fell swoop!! the teacher’s helper declares Denny cheated and therefore is not the winner, but we all know that he really is a winner because he thought outside the box and this trait will be a blessing for the rest of his life. Thanks Cliff for taking the time to help impact Denny in this way when you are around him, He is such a powerhouse!

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