About UHI

Want to know about us? Great! It seems as though very few understand how many different areas of youth ministry and ministry in general we cover. All in all, we feel as though we are in the helps ministry to other ministries and ministers. We have been called missionary evangelists, evangelists, itinerate youth ministers and youth designers. You decide after we tell you some of the things we do.

* Worldwide travel ministering a vision of reaching the youth of the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have ministered and traveled on 5 continents and over 40 countries.
* Conferences to youth and youth leadership.
* Speaking in Bible schools in regards to training up leaders or even on subjects like Passion, Defining Your Seed and Prayer.
* Guest speakers at youth camps, even more specifically, youth ski, snowboard or surf camps.
* Designing youth facilities such as inner city faith based funded buildings, youth churches and after school programs. And yes, we agree with TIME magazines article. Design and pop culture wrappers alone may draw youth, but will never keep them. They must bite into a bold, consistent Jesus Gospel!
* Crusades are more on our heart than ever. We have already done a few over the years with great results, but are looking and planning to do much bigger ones in the very near future.
* Public High School speaking and evangelism. The message we speak in the high schools are usually in regards to dreams and choices. After the school assemblies in the day, we gather back at a local popular spot or a church for the evening.

Hopefully this gives you a clear understanding of what we are doing throughout the year! Please contact us if you are interested in joining us on this great adventure as a Prayer partner and/or Financial supporter!


One Response to “About UHI”

  1. Christie,

    My heart was saddened to hear of the news of your baby girl is recent months. I was unable to attend the celebration in Huntington. I have been looking for those “words” but have found few that will offer the same comfort that God has used to lift you in this time.

    Please keep in touch. I would love to catch up and hear about the ministry and your precious babies when you get a chance.

    Love and Prayers!


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